Blazedpath Low Code Platform Launches Beta Release

Blazedpath officially launches full featured beta release of its low-code development platform offering a free license and a free cloud credits pack.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — Blazedpath officially launches Beta release of its Low-Code Development Platform offering a free license and a free cloud credits pack.

Blazedpath is the Low-Code Development Platform for IT pros. The platform enables small, but skillful, developers’ teams to design, build and deploy complex business software. Developers use a rich set of visual editors to create enterprise-grade, large-scale software solutions. Its configuration allows for very granular control of the logic, so even complex applications can be created without external hand coding.

Blazedpath platform allows developers to build software based on a distributed microservices architecture. They create microservices and deploy them in the cloud much faster than with traditional development. It uses open-standards technologies for easy integration with external systems.

The beta version is now available from Blazedpath website. By downloading the free license users will be able to construct unlimited solutions on their desktop, preview builds locally, and will get complimentary cloud credits to run builds and execute deploys in blazedpath cloud. Users will also be able to download the generated source code and deploy package to implement in user’s own cluster, so there is no “lock-ins”. Any charges for additionally purchased cloud service credits are directly related to its usage and will help the company offset infrastructure costs.

Blazedpath Beta release is intended to provide early access for the development community to Blazedpath Suite, Cloud Service, and Resources, for their evaluation and feedback. Blazedpath commits to do everything possible to ensure that developments done with the Beta release will be forward-compatible with the upcoming General Commercial Release, so users don’t lose any work or content they have initiated with it.

“Developers can speed up their productivity using Blazedpath. First wave of users will never get forced to subscribe. Just pay as you go for excess usage of our cloud service, which have a direct cost to us” said Gustavo Merchan, Managing Director at Blazedpath.

“It’s free to try. Once you learn how to work in blazedpath you’ll discover a new level of productivity” remarked Merchan.

Contact  Gustavo Merchan  +1 833 260 2151

401 E Las Olas Blvd.
Suite 130-487
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
United States
+1 833 260 2151‬ (US toll-free)

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