Getting Started

To start creating amazing Low-Code applications with Blazedpath you have to:

  1. Set your User Account.
  2. Install Blazedpath Suite to create, design, and preview your project locally.
  3. Set your Cloud Service Account to run builds, download source code and deploy packages, and deploy your project in the cloud.

Also, check out Blazedpath resources like Documentation, Video Tutorials, and participate in our Forum if you need any help.

1. Set Your User Account

Register a new user account
Validate your e-mail by clicking in the link you received
Check out and accept our Terms of Service
—————– Or —————-
Register using a trusted service (soon)

2. Download Blazedpath Suite

Login to your blazedpath user Account at
Go To Download Center
Download latest version of blazedpath Suite of your OS
Install blazedpath Suite
Set your local workspace, or
Make sure you have git installed to connect a workspaces to git and collaborate with your team
Create a new solution

Make sure you have node.js installed, if you want to create extensions from NPM libraries

Start creating your next big application

3. Access Cloud Services Account

Login to your blazedpath user Account at

Go To Cloud Services to create your Cloud Service Account

Enter and Validate Referral Code for extra cloud credits
Proceed with verification of identity

Enter your payment Card to validate your ID and to allow us to check that you are not a repeated person (to get your free cloud credits)

You won’t get charged until you are ready to get more cloud credits.

Go To Cloud Services
Notice your available free cloud credits plus reference bonus. Use them to run builds, deploy in the cloud, store your packages, or optionally to operate your blazedpath cloud environments. Monitor your usage and purchase extra cloud credits’ packs only when needed. Check blazedpath pricing for applicable cloud credit rates.
Connect to a git Repository
Set Pipelines, Environments, and Security
Start Executions to run builds and deploy your applications

4. Check-out Documentation

Login to your blazedpath user Account at
Go To Documentation
Explore Documentation Site
Try Hands-On Examples in the Essentials Workspace of your installed Suite

5. Participate in the Forum

Login to your blazedpath user Account at
Go To Forum
Explore the Forum
Earn reputation badges for participating and get perks

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