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Envision Your Solution in Microservices

Model cloud-native, distributed applications directly in the platform as a foundation
of your enterprise-grade business solution.

Map all systems in your distributed architecture including Back-end microservices, BFF (Back-end-For-Front-end) microservices, Front-end portals, external systems, API gateways, relational and non-relational databases, BPM and business rules engines, FTP, SMTP, and SMPP services, special engines, and more, while supporting multiple extensible technologies.

Automate validations for consistency, uniformity, and integrity for the distributed architecture of your business application and all its communication mechanisms.

Manage your Data the Way you Need

Model cloud-native, distributed applications directly in the platform as a foundation
of your enterprise-grade business solution.

Create Relational Data Models

Establish your entity-relationships diagram data models for your brand-new business solution. No extra tools needed.

Introspect Existing Databases

Connect with business relational databases to create or extend functionality on top of them. Import their data entities to communicate, query, and transact with your business databases. Go along with their lifecycle and synchronize any change in its structure.

Leverage Non-Relational Technologies

Connect with non-relational databases where adequate for any microservice of your distributed architecture. Get high frequency, high volume, high availability data applications, with eventual consistency.

Solve your Integration Challenges
in Minutes

Materialize the true vision of a microservices architecture from its parts. Deploy changes in minutes.

Enable Rich APIs

Expose any capability of
your business application as a
standardized REST / Open API service.

Introspect Complex External Services

Easily connect with REST / Open APIs, SOAP, and other methods. Analyze their structure and import methods, entities, and parameters to consume in your business application. React to changes in minutes.

Mock External Services

Accelerate your development process
by mocking services or databases,
so you can preview your application behavior.

Simplify Data Mapping and Transformation

Generate visual data mapping and transformation rules to connect external entities from databases, or services, with your business application entities.

Build Powerful Front-End

Customize your business application portal to your branding and styling guidelines, link content, and embed other resources.

Design Web UIs

Create one or multiple modern, web-responsive, user-friendly portals for your business application with simple WYSIWYG, drag & drop, and auto generation tools.

Create Web Portals in a Distributed Architecture

Expose micro-front-end components to be reutilized in other portals, channels, or viewports.

Produce Native Mobile Apps

Generate native Android and iOS apps through Apache Cordova.  Create simple-effective mobile apps to complement your business application.

Avoid Duplicating Logic or Data

Communicate directly with the same BFF (Back-end-For-Front-end) microservices as the web portals.

Build Microservice Logic

Create functional logic with an easy-to-use editor. Simplify structure, syntax, and validations with blocks that combine and embed into each other.

Completely Avoid Hand-Coding Customizations

Hand-coding is required in other low-code platforms, with ours all complex procedural logic is directly created within the platform.

Focus on Processes and Interactions

Directly integrate variables with your business application, control web portal behaviors, call and expose APIs in a uniform architecture.

Define Business Processes

Model activity-based workflows in standard BPM notation and deploy a run-time engine to automate its execution. Model processes both in dev-time, and in run-time to allow end-users to further customize their business processes.

Assemble Business Rules

Customize any business rule in a simple easy-to-use blocky-style editor. Build rules in dev-time, and in run-time for the end-user to configure. Configure business conditions, selection rules, exclusion rules, eligibility rules, authorization rules, validation rules, calculation formulas, and more.

Draw Interactions

Define simple user interaction steps. For most business processes, a conditional steps process engine, divided in paths and grouped in stages is much easier to understand, easier to model, and much swifter to run than a BPM engine. This event-driven, loosely conditioned, steps-based interaction process engine is ideal to control screen flows, react to external messages, fulfill operations, and orchestrate microservice communications.

Blazedpath is extensible by design

This platform is open for incorporating system nodes, APIs, functions, or small libraries that solve complex low-level problems that you can incorporate in your project. No external hand coding required.

Share Reusable Pre-Built Packages

Package your business functionality assets to reutilize them in other projects. Wrap, share, and reuse plugins, widgets, components, entire microservices and Micro-Front-Ends.
Publish them to Blazedpath Marketplace and share with its growing community for free, or even monetize its use.

Incorporate Open Libraries

Access the full power of Open Libraries in the technology of your choice: Node.JS, JAVA, and more to come.
Wrap them in custom plugins to extend your project with widgets, expressions, functions, and more, to use directly in your project.

Use Your Preferred Technology

Select Individual Technologies

Create and deploy complex enterprise-grade applications in multiple technologies. Each node in your distributed microservices architecture can be implemented in different technologies.


Setup your microservices, distributed architecture nodes, partial or full environments.

Generate Entire Application

Generate partial or entire application from your Blazedpath local studio, or in Blazedpath cloud.

Get a distributed, uniformly structured, and refactored business application every time.
Preview and evaluate progress with in-memory application generation. Use mock data, and multiple data sources to develop, test, and validate your project.
When you are ready to deploy, generate your application in the cloud to get source code, compiled libraries, or an actual cloud deployment package.

Blazedpath Suite

Make it real, make it fast. Big Ideas Come Alive.

Work in a Local Studio

Get the freedom of working with a local version of your project, directly from your laptop, or workstation.
Avoid issues related to connectivity, concurrence, and availability.
Install our development suite in your desktop, create your workspace, setup your cloud account, and be ready to initiate the journey into your most ambitious business application.

Navigate Complex Projects

Quickly identify relationships and dependencies between your project components.
This platform is designed for IT Pros to build complex, enterprise-grade, business application projects.

Test Automatically

Write your unit tests once, then run an automatic testing every time after applying a change, to quickly identify inconsistencies

Run impact analysis to locate points requiring further attention when creating functionality or modifying your project.

Synchronize branching versions of your project with your organization’s GIT repository.
Work with the low-code development suite as a local studio synched up to GIT, just like you would with a traditional development tool.

Locate issues and fix problems in any project, no matter how big and intricate it gets.
Be able to handle any maintenance change request swiftly, regardless of who built it or how long ago it was built.

Get a full view of build tasks and steps. This platform feels and really is transparent and is a familiar experience for developers.
Pinpoint the exact source of the error, or warning, and jump right into revising it. Everything locally.

Run application code generation, compiling, and deployment simply with a few clicks.
Select between generating and downloading source code, generating Kubernetes package to deploy independently, or generating a full cloud deployment within Blazedpath cloud service, or automate deployment directly to your 3rd-Party cloud cluster (Google Cloud supported, more to come).

Adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices in your organization with this advanced platform.
Achieve true DevOps with this Low-Code Development Platform and perform short-release cycles of your critical business applications.
Set-up a scalability plan for each component of your distributed architecture and be ready for variable load demands.
Microservices are why our platform makes it easy to scale your enterprise-grade business application. Scale vertically or horizontally in seconds, using a distributed microservices architecture in a cloud environment with an automated scalability plan.
Automate security characteristics and compliance from an application development perspective. An enterprise-grade level of security is natively supported by a secure software framework.
Authentication is done using OpenID Connect (OAuth2.0), Authorization with RBAC, Identity Management with Open IAM, Single Sign-On is based on SAML.
When working on your most ambitious or sensitive project you are never locked in with us. The source code is yours. There are no closed proprietary libraries that may restrict vendor independence.
At any point in your business application lifecycle you can drift away from our platform and continue through traditional development. Export models and documentation.

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