Blazedpath Pricing

Free Development Suite and Resources.
Pay-As-You-Go or Subscriptions for Cloud Services

Blazedpath Beta Release

(No Lock-Ins, Ever.)

Free Development Suite

Free Resources

Free Support

Cloud Services

(Free Intro Credits,
then Pay-As-You-Go or Subscribe)


Local Previews

Free Documentation


Unlimited Downloads

(Source Code Build, & Cloud Deploy Package)

Unlimited Repositories







Creating solutions with blazedpath Beta Release is free. Preview them locally, work in your computer and collaborate with your team. Discover blazedpath construction capabilities for complex, enterprise-grade business software.

Blazedpath charges cloud credits for service usage. Running builds and deploying applications happen in the cloud. Charging service usage helps us offset infrastructure costs.

Cloud Services

Metered Usage Rates

Service Unit Cloud Credits
Run Builds (ea.) /MB 5
Execute Deploys (ea.) /MB 5
Build Storage /GB-Hour 1
Blazedpath Cloud Deploy Environment (optional)
Pod Nano (50m CPU / 100Mi) /Hour 10
Pod Micro (125m CPU / 250Mi) /Hour 20
Pod Small  (250m CPU / 500Mi) /Hour 40
Pod Medium (500m CPU / 1Gi) /Hour 80
Pod Large (1 CPU / 2Gi) /Hour 160
Pod Xlarge (2 CPU / 4Gi) /Hour 320
Pod Metal (4 CPU / 8Gi) /Hour 640
Rel. Database (10GB MAX) /Hour 10

Introductory Credits

Free cloud credits pack to evaluate Blazedpath

10 000
cloud credits
+5 000
cloud credits
w/Referral Code
  • Free Cloud Credits for new user accounts
  • Plenty to try blazedpath cloud services and work for a while
  • Check out our Partners and Social Media Advocators for referral codes
  • Cloud credits are non-refundable.


Get Credit Packs On Demand

10 000
cloud credits
100 000
cloud credits
200 000
cloud credits
  • Amounts in US dollars, plus applicable taxes, billed from the US.
  • Pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Cloud credits in Pay-As-You-Go don’t expire.
  • Cloud credits are non-refundable.

Subscriptions (soon*)

Auto Renew Credit Packs Monthly

Enthusiast Freelancer Dev-Shop Corporate School
$ 25 / mo.
$ 150 / mo.
$ 1,500 / mo.
(Contact us)
Free (Contact)
Cloud Credits 20 000 / mo. 150 000 / mo. 3 000 000 / mo. Custom Custom
Rollover Period 2 mo. 6 mo. 12 mo. Custom Custom
Forced Term No No No Custom Custom
Overage $ 15 / 10 000 credits $ 12 / 10 000 credits $ 10 / 10 000 credits Custom Custom
Overage Expiration No No No Custom Custom
1st Level Support Forum Forum Forum Forum Forum
2nd Level Support n/a Partner Direct Direct Direct
3rd Level Support n/a Direct Direct Direct Direct
Support SLA TBD TBD TBD Custom TBD
Special Restrictions Standard Standard Standard Custom No commercial solutions
Marketplace Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • *Subscriptions will be available at a date TBA.
  • Amounts in US dollars, plus applicable taxes, billed from the US.
  • Subscription pricing valid for new users of Beta Release.
  • Subscription for users after the General Commercial Release may change without notice.
  • School subscription available for qualifying organizations. Solutions created with this subscription are for educational purposes only, and may not be commercialized, or used in a for-profit business operation.

Honoring Early Users

Pricing applies to the First wave of User for Beta Release

New Users that:

  • Are within the first 10,000 user accounts, and

  • have verified their ID with Credit/Debit Card, and

  • have spent at least US$ 20 during the Beta Release.

Will be grandfathered long term, no price change

  • Metered Usage Rates

  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing

  • Subscription pricing

Will never get forced to subscribe

  • Indefinitely allowed to stay in Pay-As-You-Go

Solutions will be forward-compatible*

  • with General Commercial Release,
  • maintaining Beta Release pricing
*Please see About Beta Release

No Lock-Ins, Ever.

  • Download source builds and deploy packages
  • Yes, that applies for all future users too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Blazedpath Studio and Blazedpath Cloud?

Blazedpath Studio is the application you install in your computer to work locally. Totally free of charge. You don’t need a credit card to download it and use it.

Blazedpath Cloud are the cloud resources, and that eventually could have a cost. If you have a paid subscription, it is included. If you don’t, you will need to add a credit card to your account, but every charge request will require your approval. There will be no surprises.

Can I try this platform without using my credit card?

The Evaluation subscriber option does not need a credit card to be used, you can work locally on your computer and learn everything about the platform and its capabilities without any charge. It is really free of charge. When you need to compile your project, an authorization will prompt to you to charge its costs. We will never make any charge without your authorization 

Is there a minimum period of subscription?

You are allowed to end your subscription any time you want. 

Is there a limit in end-users?

We don’t charge you based on the end-user of your solutions.  

Unlimited number of projects, means unlimited?

Yes, there’s no limit in the number of projects you can build with any of our subscription optionsYour only limitation would be the cloud resources. Depending on the size of your projects, those resources would be enough or not.  

Are the cloud resources I need included in the price?

Yes, everything you need to create amazing solutions are included in the subscription price. Each subscription option has its own number of resources assigned 

If my projects require extra resources, Does Blazedpath provide them?

Yes, we do provide all extra cloud resources you request for your project. Some charges may apply depending of the type and number of resources needed. 

Where can I deploy my projects made on Blazedpath platform?

You can deploy your projects in Blazedapth Cloud or in any public or private cloud of your choice. 

Which are the Online Resources for the 1st Level Support?

With your Blazedpath subscription you will have access to online guides, How-To documentation, support tutorials and our knowledge base.  

Do I need any additional tool to develop software with Blazedpath?

All you need to install is Blazedpath Studio locally on your computer. After that you can start building complex software solutions.  That’s all. 

Will I own the source code?

Yes, your code is yours. You can download the source code of your project any time you want within any of the paid subscription options: Freelancer, Dev-Shop and Enterprise subscription 

Do you have any other questions?
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