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Blazedpath Beta Release is now available. Download a free license and get complimentary cloud credits

About Beta release:

This Beta release is intended to provide early access for the development community to Blazedpath Suite, Cloud Service, and Resources, for their evaluation, and for Blazedpath to understand user preferences and needs, and therefore prioritize fixes and improvements.

Although we consider this release to be a “beta”, and without this statement implying a warranty, we commit to do everything possible to ensure that developments done with the Beta release will be forward-compatible with the upcoming General Commercial Release, so users don’t lose any work or content.

We provide some free introductory blazedpath cloud credits to operate the beta release. Any charges for additionally purchased blazedpath cloud service credits help us offset infrastructure costs and are directly related to their usage.

Cloud credits are non-refundable, either free or purchased. Please refer to Blazedpath Cloud Terms of Service.

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