Brand Guidelines

The goal of this handbook is to regulate the use of Blazedpath’s institutional identity, in order to standardize the elements that constitute the visual identity in the internal and external context.


Brand Name

The brand name can be used in sentences and titles as a proper noun, which is why it is written Blazedpath, unlike when it is seen in the isologo, where it is always written blazedpath


The isotype of blazepath refers to the closing tag and is faced in front of our isologo to represent the absence of code lines in application development.
The typegraph of the logo is monospace in reference to the lines of code in the traditional development.


The logotype used monospace font with default spacing


This image its  create from and end tag in reference to the low-code platform

Vertical Lockup.

Application of the Isotupe and Name brand in vertical position


Our logo is designed to scale to small sizes with maximum and minimun proportions. 





Logotype Specifications

With this grid in mind we can reproduce in any support, regardless of its dimension or reproduction medium. The symbol and logo will preserve the following proportions and composition. The protection area refers to the minimal spaces to be left blank when the brand is accompanied by text, photos or illustrations. Establishing a protection area for the brand ensures its visual independence from the rest of the graphic elements, and therefore facilitates its immediate identification.

This Grid of 10×10 squares specifies de correct used of the Isotype individually.

Its define by 2 squares of safety margin over and 2 squares under the Isotype


Isotype Schematic Execution

Explanation of how the Isotype its executed and the formal specifications to reproduce in any support, regardless of its dimension or reproduction medium. 

Logotype Variations

Always use the typography of the body text . Do not insert the isologo in a text block.
The reproduction variations contained herein are the only variations possible for the correct use of the institutional identity.

Logotype Horizontal Version

Logotype Vertical Version

Vertical Isologo with more padding for use in Social.

Vertical Isologo with more padding for use in Social.

Vertical Isologo for use in Documentacion or collaterals.


This typography is only to be used for Blazedpath logo, because as it is part of the brand, its use for other ends would create confusion. Font monospace, used with default spacing


Primary Brand Colors

Our primary brand colors are variants of the Isologotype and Logotype:

Strong Blue #1E649D H:207 S:81 B:62 R:30 G:100 B:157 C:80 M:36 Y:0 K:38


Light Blue #24A1D9 H:199 S:83 B:85 R:36 G:161 B:217 C:83M:25 Y:0 K:14


Light Grey #EEEEF0 H:240 S:1 B:94 R:238 G:238 B:240 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:5


Full Black #000000 H:0 S:0 B:0 R:0 G:0 B:0 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0


Color Variations


























Secondary Colors













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